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Way Out Kombucha

Citrus & Hops Kombucha

Citrus & Hops Kombucha

Way Out's Hopped Kombucha is a great non-alcoholic alternative to a non-alcoholic beer.  Our citrus and hops kombucha is made by dry hopping our fermented yaupon tea blend.

You've probably experienced hop waters and hop teas but this kombucha is has way more body.  Each bottle is 750 mL.


Notes: Grapefruit, Tangerine, IPA-adjacent general vibes (but not in the way of a person who is obsessed with IPAs).

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Enjoy a moment of clarity!

  • Fermented yaupon tea.

  • Hand-bottled & shipped from San Antonio, TX.

  • Wineglasses/stemware recommended.

    Optimize your ceremonial-grade non-alcoholic experience.

  • Drink native. Drink real. Ascend to a post-beverage way of life.

  • Shipping Details

    We ship on Tuesdays. 2-day UPS Ground provides the most affordable solution. We recommend refrigerating immediately and eternally.

  • Kombucha is a living product!

    Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt of your kombucha.