Way Out Kombucha

Pick two 750 mL kombucha bottles.

Pick two 750 mL kombucha bottles.

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2 bottles of ceremonial-grade naturally fermented kombucha.
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Enjoy a moment of clarity!

  • Fermented yaupon tea.

  • Hand-bottled & shipped from San Antonio, TX.

  • Wineglasses/stemware recommended.

    Optimize your ceremonial-grade non-alcoholic experience.

  • Drink native. Drink real. Ascend to a post-beverage way of life.

  • Shipping Details

    We ship on Tuesdays. 2-day UPS Ground provides the most affordable solution. We recommend refrigerating immediately and eternally.

  • Kombucha is a living product!

    Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt of your kombucha.